Hello, and welcome to the blog!

What’s with the name?

catalyst - a person or being that precipitates an event; a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction.

untamed - not domesticated or otherwise controlled.


catalyst + untamed = Katalyst Untamed


This is where the blogging comes in.

While a catalyst increases the rate of a reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change, I want to change.

I am changing, and I want to share that change with you. I want to stay curious, to keep thinking about how things work, talk about things bigger than us, talk about US. And I think the way to do that, for everyone to be on the same page of curiosity and understanding, is to be a Katalyst Untamed. To start the reaction, the process… Change, GROWTH.

As I strive to live a grateful life and keep learning about this crazy world, hopefully one of the entries will serve as a katalyst in your life.


respond to every call that excites your spirit
— rumi
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