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I Was Procrastinating This Post (About Why I'm Blogging)

I Was Procrastinating This Post (About Why I'm Blogging)

Who remembers having to write essays, summaries, or reports in school? Or maybe you still do.

Throughout my academic years, whenever I would say I was starting a paper early (also read as starting a paper more than 24 hours before it is due), I would jot down a really catchy opening paragraph. My name, subject, and date would end up making it in the top corner as well. That would be followed by a few different scenarios. Sometimes I would strain, contemplating hard about how I wanted the paper to be organized; what three points would I make, should I take a direct persuasive stand in the intro instead of using an anecdote, can detailed doodles replace a five sentence paragraph? Other times I would think about how I didn't want to do any of it in the first place - that was heavily dependent on what class the homework was for. Within 24 hours of needing to be finished writing though, a magical thing occurred. All of the greek gods would gather and unite their energy, creating a powerful bolt that exploded from the heavens and down into my hands to crank out a pretty damn good assignment to turn in. There were a few rare occasions when I did not meet excellent expectations. I like to think one of the gods was taking a nap that day, and could not help contribute any focus or ideas for the assignment. And we all know that teamwork makes the dream work. Once I got past the denial and fully accepted myself as a procrastinator in college... well, nothing really changed. I am sure Zeus plays some part in my creative light-bulb-moments. On that note - keep reading if you want to know why I am here today blogging.

Hello, my name is Katie and I am a blogger.

* cue group chant greeting, "Hello, Katie" *

Really, I am many things. A woman, a friend, a fire fighter, a former athlete, a procrastinator...

There are more jobs and qualities that define me as Katie Wimpari, and that could be a whole other post itself. At this time though, I am going to throw down two definitions for you to catch before continuing on.

(scroll down a little bit)


catalyst - a person or being that precipitates an event; a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change.
untamed - not domesticated or otherwise controlled.


As my friend and I talked on the phone the other day, we laughed about how we were "students of life". It sounds like I should be saying that with a peace sign on one hand and a dubbie in the other, but it is true! We are students of life - we learn through experience. We learn from our peers, our work environment, and even the stranger you talk to on a flight back home.

Something I learned about myself during my time in Louisville was that I loved connecting with people and immersing myself into other cultures. Even when deciding on where I was to attend college, money was not my utmost concern. I knew that financially there would eventually be hoops to jump through, but - a brand new chapter in life, waiting for adventures to fill all the pages? A chance to grow in a city that was completely different than I was used to? THAT was a top priority, because for me that was going to be invigorating, challenging, and exciting. Earning a degree from a great university to help guide me up the career ladder and set myself up for an easy retirement was also there fighting for wins in the decision making. 

* a 2,000 mile flight to the other side of the country and five years later *

Adventures were fulfilled and a bachelor of science degree was attained. Mission accomplished.


So, a question you might have been thinking:

"Why you blogging tho?"

Remember those two definitions from earlier? Ok, good.

(It's ok if you had to scroll back up and review).

catalyst + untamed = Katalyst Untamed

This is where the blogging comes in. I want to be a "Katalyst Untamed". For YOU. Unlike a catalyst in Chem 202, I WANT to change. To grow, evolve, and better understand the world we live in. 

As a "katalyst", I hope you can gain something from this blog that makes your life, or even your day, that much better. Maybe I can give you that last push to go after the job you want. Be there as you take a step back and realize you have a lot more to learn about yourself. Evoke dreams and inspire passions. Help build habits and live a better life. Teach you something new. Make you laugh. Make you cry. Make you think. 

I think we are all a little mad. And that is why learning and living should not be normal, stereotypical, or controlled. We should be living UNTAMED. Not contained. Thinking outside the box. Using every creative outlet. 

I will wrap this up since attention spans could be dwindling at this point. 


To Sum Things Up

My name is Katie.

You can laugh and/or learn from my life.

On the way to fulfilling my dreams and growing this blog, hopefully one of the entries will serve as a "katalyst" in the pursuit of your passions.


To be honest, I am pretty hyped. Let's get to living.

- Katie


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Pop-Up Inspo | Music To My Ears