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Represent Values, Not Colors

Represent Values, Not Colors

Not all Democrats are good. Not all Republicans are bad.

Not all Democrats are bad. Not all Republicans are good.

Throwing around cruel words, unnecessary judgement, wishing harm on others, and bringing people down… How is that benefiting you, your relative, your community? How is that coming together to make America a better place to work, grow, succeed, and live together?

It does nothing.

Those actions divide us.

Even the individuals that identify as Democratic; saying someone is a "racist hick" isn’t helping. When the political party switches, it's the same behavior; phrases like "dumb cunt" and "hang yourself with the nearest rope" casually used in disagreements. That is not standing together for a collective set of values. That is your ego defending itself from the opinions of others. And fear. And being misinformed. And stereotyping on a massive scale. Anyway.

Calling each other names do not make new policies for our country. Degrading someone’s appearance does not unite groups of people.

We need to look past the identities we associate with ourselves and others, and reflect on what we value. If we wrote out what we believe is important - a lot of us would be surprised by the amount of shared positions and struggles.

Everything is not black and white, red or blue. We are all a unique mix of issues, passions, and thoughts. Which means each of us has a different perspective on life because we had unique childhoods, peers, opportunities, obstacles, neighborhoods, and subconscious programming. We need to start thinking with color blinders on. Or else this merry-go-round of political bullshit will keep going and going and going. And I'd say most of the population is too dizzy to realize this ride is not real life. Be brave and jump off. Discuss values. Collaborate. Debate. Ignite change.


So I ask you this:

What if people were elected based solely off their stance on issues and policies, not what political color they represent? If canidates expressed their plans for office without pointing fingers?

What if people debated and discussed for solutions, instead of yelling over who is right or wrong?

And I challenge you to this: 

Next time you see a negative comment in a social media post - do not aggressively type back with name calling or threats. Take a deep breath, and wish them the best. Hope that one day they gain perspective and understanding. Do not internalize that energy. Instead, radiate ccompassionate thoughts. Let's strive to be nonviolent with our words, our actions, and our thoughts.

To be successful is to be humble. To grow is to be selfless. To live is to be curious.

To successfully grow and live together, is to be empathetic.

How would you propose the concept of multiple political parties? How would they be organized? Or would people elected on an individual/non-party affiliation be better?

How can we have this discussion without bringing other people down? How can we formulate a plan of action to make our politics better?


Let's talk about it, like fellow humans.

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MOJO | Biosphere Consciousness

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