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Pop-Up Inspo | Conservation?

Pop-Up Inspo | Conservation?

I am going to list a handful of words, and I want you to think about their relation to each other...

Big Five



Safari Club International



Would you be surprised if I told you all of these terms were used in the context of hunting for wild animals, like lions and elephants?


A two hour program available on Netflix, Trophy, is a documentary that explores the tensions between the lucrative big-game hunting business and wildlife conservation from a variety of perspectives.

The perspectives range from rhino "ranchers", trophy hunters, the guides that help people hunt exotic species of wild game, the taxidermists, the locals that use meat and parts of the animals post kill, and protesters outside of a Safari Club International convention in Las Vegas. 

Prior to this film, I was not well read in the subject of trophy hunting. I am not a hunter myself, but I do believe in the system of hunting, conservation, land management, and survival. In general, hunting in America is a means of putting meat in the freezer for your family, and allows you to be self-sufficient while helping manage the land and animal populations in the process. It's a win-win, circle-of-life process. You are probably sick of hearing me mention the Mountain & Prairie podcast, but there are one or two talks that discuss hunting, conservation, and how they are more intwined than you might have previously believed. 

Hmm when was it... within the past few years when there was all of that social media banter over pictures of hunters with their non-North American trophies? At that time, I kind of turned my head away from the carnage (aka people shouting their opinions over the internet). To avoid the drama, and probably due to not having enough of a knowledge base to form an opinion of my own, etc. to really care about what was going on. Now though - well, I want to have a rhino farm and help save them from poachers.

#WorldPeacePlease #SaveTheRhinos

Below are a few quotes from the documentary. I do not want to spoil it with too many quotes and info since this is more of a "pop-up" post. However, I hope you find the time to watch this film and listen to all the perspectives about trophy hunting and conservation. Matt and I went through a range of emotions while watching it... Captivated, sad, baffled, outraged, more sadness... That "oh-no-a-car-accident-but-I-can't-look-away" feeling. 


Read the quotes. Watch the film. 

I think it does make it more special for me as a believer to go out there and pursue these animals and know that God placed them there. And when I put my hand on that lion - I can promise you, at that moment, as with all of my life, anyone who believes in evolution is a complete fool. I don’t understand how people can’t understand that God raised that animals into existence.”
— Philip Glass, trophy hunter from Texas
A lot of us as trophy hunters feel the same way. We want that experience to go and hunt that animal one time. We really just want one.
— Philip Glass

The last quote is from John Hume. At this point, Hume is looking out at the result of a poaching incident on his land. A good portion of the film follows him and his efforts to protect more than 1,500 rhinos on the largest rhino farm in the world. 

The one over there is only fourteen months old. I believe those two were pregnant...
F*cking sick.
[Female rhinos] can give you ten, twelve, maybe thirteen calves in their lives. That is all wiped out in one moment.
— John Hume, rhino rancher/conservationist in South Africa

side note:
Remember the "Big Five" term from earlier? That is in reference to the big five game in Africa for trophy hunting: buffalo, elephant, lion, leopard, and rhino. 

one more side note: 
When you go to the Safari Club International's convention website, you can not see pictures or exhibitor information unless you are a member of SCI. I just found that intriguing and wanted to point it out. But here you can look more into SCI.

b let's talk about it.jpg

What do you think so far about trophy hunting? Have you watched Trophy? If so, how did it affect your views and knowledge about tourists hunting in places like Africa? Do you think conservation and trophy hunting can be done simultaneously? Or is it one or the other? COMMENT, SHARE, DISCUSS!

Let's talk about it.


Until the next time - namaste my friends. 




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