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Pop-Up Inspo | Common Grounds

Pop-Up Inspo | Common Grounds

Traveling is super rad, right?!

You get to learn about new places, strangers tell you stories, and the spontaneity of it all is thrilling. I crave the challenge and excitement that comes with setting off on adventures and exploring the country. Yet at the same time, there is a comfort in having a home base. The “usual place” to meet up for drinks, your favorite path in the park, the window seat on the right side of the cafe you always sit at… We are creatures of habit! 

Working in multiple states across the western U.S. fighting fires and attempting to be the biggest sponge north of the Great Barrier Reef the past summer was a whirlwind of building new routines and habits. This was my first season as a wild land fire fighter, and there was always something to absorb and new sights to see as I was growing into my role with the crew and evolving as a woman in a "man's world". Not only was this a new job, but an unchartered state to call home. So for a few weeks I had no. freaking. idea. where anything was. We’re good now, though. 

Example of something I learned this summer: Prescott, Arizona? Yea, not “Pres-scott”… “Pres-kit”. Like biscuit, but Pres-kit. Prescott = “Pres-kit”. 

When fire season came to a close and I was looking to call somewhere home for the winter, living in Payson, Arizona seemed like the perfect town. The guy I was seeing at the time of deciding this was also planning on living in Payson for the winter. Moving here became a win-win because now he is my boyfriend.   :) 

After getting settled in last week, and about to dive into blogging, I realized there was something missing.

a coffee shop to blog in!

It seemed there was a local coffee shop waiting for you every street you turned down in Louisville. The coffee love is real there. And for a few days I was desperately missing them. Yes, I did have a temporary pity party.


The other day I got an urge to watch the Payson Instagram story for the first time since I have been in town. What would ya know, a few stories in and someone posted from “Common Grounds Coffee House”.

"Coffee House"

UNIVERSE - you have done it again. 

And the best part - it looked freaking cute inside *insert nerd smiley face and clapping hands emojis*

As I am finishing up this post and slurping down the last of my lavender lemonade (quietly slurping - I try to be civilized in public), I am thinking about how the void has been filled. I feel a new wave of energy to write, to explore, and to get things done. Traveling inspires me, but so does being in the comfort of a familiar place. Knowing your walls can come down, and no energy has to be used in deciphering a foreign menu or asking "Siri, where is the nearest freaking parking spot?" 

What I gained from today:

a reiteration from the universe that, yes, moderation and balance are the keys to life.

When I leave Payson for another summer of fire fighting, and if I end up living in another state next winter: Common Grounds will be here when I need a home base, a familiar chair, and a place to be grounded.

Where do you feel at peace? Get energized? A place that you call home? (Even if it is not actually your home). Tell me about your home base!

Click here to see cool pics of Common Grounds Coffee House on their Instagram if you are visiting the beautiful "Rim Country" area.

And below are links to my favorite coffee shops and local roasters if you are taking a vacay in Louisville, Kentucky or need some delicious beans sent right to your door. 

Please & Thank You  

Good Folks Coffee

Heine Brothers' Coffee

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