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MOJO | Biosphere Consciousness

MOJO | Biosphere Consciousness

For those of you that aren’t familiar with this blog - I am trying to change the world one tidbit of information at a time. Which is why if I am inspired, motivated… if something made pieces click together, gears move, and thoughts develop I am going to share it with all of you.

Because that is magic, mojo, forces beyond us at work. The Universe showing me what I need. And you finding this post is the Universe talking to you. Without further ado…

Mojo to switch your attention from you to the world around us.

High Country News

photo credits: Unsplash

It is tough to find good, in-depth journalism. Information that isn’t biased or inaccurate. High Country News though is a diamond beneath the rough, superficial expanse of other outlets and media.

HCN is for “people who care about the West.” From tribal affairs, communities, agriculture, wildlife, sustainability, energy, politics - everything that is happening in the West is being looked into. For me, signing up for the HCN publication got me more involved in politics and caring about the environment.

I would highly recommend HCN to anyone. The editor even shares the letters of people who disagree with the work shared - cheers to transparency!


East of Billings

photo credits: Alexis Bonogofsky

Missoula. Yellowstone. The Rockies…

Iconic areas, amirite??

Western Montana gets a lot of the oo’s and aw’s, yet there is a whole other side with beauty and issues and stories that more people should get to know. The concept “East of Billings” is reflective of the areas of other states that lack the tourist attractions, the extraordinary features and flair, and have been nudged to the side. Those sides need TLC just as much as the popular areas of interests across the country. Maybe even more so for the preservation, conservation, and growth of the local systems. An ear to listen, a hand to help, and a voice to speak about solutions and collaborations. As Alexis said,

EOB is all the people who have a place that they would do anything to protect; which is pretty relevant in the world we are living in today. EOB is about bringing attention to people and places that get overlooked or ignored.

I first heard of Alexis’ blog, East of Billings, on an episode of the Mountain & Prairie podcast (the only podcast I ever talk about - sorry, not sorry). She has grown from events that I am certain many people can relate to. Her writing is beautiful, as well as her photography. And most importantly, Alexis has the courage to share her experiences and stand up for herself, her community, and for the ones that don’t have a voice; the land and the creatures we share it with.


Blue Planet II

photo credits: BBC

I mean, who doesn’t love the Planet Earth/Blue Planet series?? The magnificent moments captured of animals just doing their thang. The unique ecosystems, the unfamiliar (and honestly quite strange-looking) species.

On another note though, Blue Planet II was particularly heartbreaking. Seeing how the products and actions of man affected the creatures of the oceans and seas. It placed another layer of urgency upon me on what climate change actually means. What the death of our oceans look like.



photo credits: Unsplash

In an HCN article, research was being completed through Experiment.com. On this site, us civilians can become crowdfunders and help back research that is important to us, as well as look into the open “lab notes” or shared results so far going on in experiments. Or as a scientist and researcher yourself, you can start a project and get connected with other people that want to set exploration in motion. I donate to charities and not-for-profits when I can, and reading about Experiment.com was exciting because it’s a way I can be part of growth and change, help discoveries be made.


The Third Industrial Revolution

photo credits: Unsplash

Remember the phrase in the title of this post, “Biosphere Consciousness”? The social thinker and economist, Jeremy Rifkin, has been talking about this for awhile now.

In The Third Industrial Revolution film, Rikfin explains how our technology and green energy is the beginning of this third revolution. He explores the idea and structure behind an internet grid, people producing their own energy, sharing that energy & information, and why this should be our path to a bright future.

photo credits: Unsplash

Here is an excerpt from Rifkin in the documentary:
(beginning at 1:18:30)

I don’t like Utopias, I think Utopias are dangerous. Our human spirit, the empathic spirit, is designed to show compassion to our frailties, our precarious existence. An empathic world is never a Utopian world. Utopias are worlds that are perfect. There’s not mortality. There’s no pain, there’s no suffering, and every moment is perfect. There’s no such world. I looked through history and it says that the most civilized societies, the ones that can move empathy to a much larger reign. I like an empathic world where we can understand each others frailties. We show compassion for each other’s desires to flourish. We reach out to each other - I mean, we do this everyday… It’s the empathy that runs day to day life, not Utopias, and I think Georg Friedrich Hegel got it right. He wrote a little passage that I read forty years ago. He said happiness are the blank pages of history, because they are the periods of harmony… Historians always chronicle the mayhem. The genocides, the wars. They address the social grievances because those moments are extraordinary, not ordinary. They imprint a stamp in us, they put us into fight or flight.

As we begin to see climate change affect our community, there’s nowhere to escape, we are part of that community. Our younger generation is beginning to empathize with our fellow humans and our fellow creatures in our biosphere… until we see our selves as one life force on this planet.”

photo credits: Unsplash

Some definitions:

biosphere (n) - the regions of the surface, atmosphere, and hydrosphere of the earth (or analogous parts of other planets) occupied by living organisms.

symbiotic (adj) - characterized by, living in, or being in close physical association between two or more dissimilar organisms.

We are all part of one system. One complex series of connections, a network of life.

If more people recognized that we all live in close association we each other, I think empathy would come easier.

“It’s not my problem” does not cut it. Because someone’s problem is directly or indirectly your problem, too. That is a greedy way to think. When you are scared and feel in danger, instinctively protecting you and your own seems natural, right. What is there to be scared of though?

That mentality is blocking self-awareness, hiding our ego issues, and interfering with the attempts to collaborate and make this an even better country & world to live in.

Once we realize that our actions contribute to the health of everyone and everything on this planet…

Once we strive for biosphere consciousness…

THEN, we can continue to grow.

photo credits: Katie Wimpari

photo credits: Katie Wimpari

Hope you enjoyed the mojo.

Until next time,
namaste xo

(cover photo credits: Katie Wimpari)

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