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Challenge Yourself to Live with Intention

Challenge Yourself to Live with Intention

Habits make our lives easier.

Every morning is not an anxious struggle to remember how to tie our shoes, or wasted time spent racking our brains to choose the best route to the grocery store. Our minds take care of the hassle, letting us focus on more multi-dimensional processes and complex human things. #humanthings



That is the motto for Buti Yoga. For those that do not know, Buti Yoga is a fusion of tribal dance, primal movement and conditioning combined in a dynamic yoga practice. I discovered this amazing community while I lived in Louisville. While I did not frequently attend #brokecollegestudentlife, you can bet I was dancing my booty off every time I went!

SIDE NOTE: planning to get Buti certified Fall 2018

The only way to transform your body in a sustainable way is to fall in LOVE with your workout and wellness lifestyle. To me, Buti Yoga isn’t a workout - it’s a chance to create - let go - connect - and sweat with intention.
— Bizzie Gold, founder of Buti Yoga

As I attended the classes, what attracted me most to this tribe of women was their mission - to sweat with intention. I believe that is a motto that should be incorporated more into our lives.


Meditation... well, I try to do it. For me the closest thing to successful meditation is focusing on one task at a time, giving my mind a break from the endless stream of thoughts. I feel relaxed, calm... and relieved! The timelines, the financial plans, the texts I should send, the ideas I want to write about, the future g- BLOCKED. Completing a task with intention blocks the stream for a little while. To reflect, get back to center. 


Together, let's break away from the habits once in awhile and be entirely present in what we are doing. 

Notice the pressure of your foot on the gas pedal driving to work, and the cars around you the whole ride. Experience the flavors and be grateful for each bite of food at dinner. As you wash the dishes, give attention to each plate, each fork, each coffee mug. Do not view working out as a burden, a guilt-trip of participating because you should. Be active because you WANT to, because you want to show love & appreciation to yourself. Be present while moving your body. Sweat with intention.  ;)


Let the conscious effort of completing “mundane tasks” with intention create a habit of intention. If we go through our days stuck on a habitual track from dawn till dusk, we'll look back and forget what life felt like. That's where the memories are. 

Our intention creates our reality.
— Wayne Dyer

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Are you going to challenge yourself to live with intention? Have you noticed a difference in your happiness or well-being after actively being present performing a task? Let's talk about it.

Until next time beautiful people... # human things


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