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Detox Yo Life

Detox Yo Life

For many people, this month is a time of change. And as January progresses, I am definitely sticking with that theme. Without further ado... 

Here is a quick list of ways to

be more in tune with yo self

feel refreshed

take the weight off ya chest

get that clean slate 

Essentially -

Detox Yo Life


Clean Out Yo Fridge

Simple yet hella refreshing. And it literally only takes 15 minutes of your time, if that. 

Toss the leftovers you know you are not going to eat. Clean the vegetable bin out. Then you'll probably ask yourself how long that sour cream been in there. You know that "out of sight, out of mind" concept? Especially if you want to meal prep, eat healthier, and take control of your diet - cleaning out the fridge and pantry to make room for your new goals is the best place to start. 

Go Somewhere - Without Your Phone

Some days it is comforting to have your phone nearby in case someone needs to talk to you, or have to Google weird things only your search history and you know. That should probably be a blog post: "The Sh*t We Google On Our Phones".

Leave your phone in the apartment next time you check the mail, or hide it in the car when you go on a date. You might feel some separation anxiety at first. Push through it, though. You will remember the memories made more than what you saw scrolling through the newsfeed for the seventh time.


If you have the opportunity to either visit a local juicer or purchase a juicer of your own, I highly suggest doing so.

Only if it fits within your budget and financial goals though.

While living in Louisville, I loved the handful of visits to The Weekly Juicery to get a delicious bottle of fruit & vegetable goodness. At the time though, it was a luxury since I was a poor college student living paycheck to paycheck. Fast forward a few years and altering my priorities - getting a juicer for Matt and I for Christmas (purchased during Black Friday obviously though #savings) was one of the best investments I have made in my young life. 

We have not gone on a three-day juice cleanse or anything like that. However, it serves as a way to make our own apple or orange-based juice in the morning (no sugar added, wassup!), and have revitalizing options to feed our bodies between meals. What do we do with the pulp from our magical mixtures? In the future it will go into our own compost pile. In the meantime, we give it to our friends to either feed the chickens or add to the compost they already have.

Food for thought.

Pun intended. 

Read at Night

Instead of falling asleep to the jibber jabber of Netflix, read a chapter or two of a book. If you need white noise in yo life - fall asleep to chill melodies or the sounds of nature on Spotify. Then that flittering blue light is not filling your precious space. And after the playlist is done, the quiet hours begin to let REM sleep do its thang.

Sleep is a vital part in becoming energized and healing the body. Appreciate the time you have to snuggle up in that comforter and rest. 


This is something I need to do more. Make time to not think about things over and over again, be off social media, and just kind of... be. Ya know? 

Headspace is a cool app (thanks to Cate of Havstad Hat Company for suggesting) that guides you through breathing and meditation. You can sign up for free. Side note: I have not used it enough to know if you can keep using the basic version, or if you eventually have to pay at some point. Something to check out though if you are interested in incorporating more mindfulness into your day to day life.

Enjoy Life Without Tech in Yo Face

SUPER IMPORTANT detox method right here. Our lives are so intermingled with technology that even when we are outside or socializing - well, it's still there. 

Do you check your phone even while watching a binge-worthy show on Netflix? Yea, I do too sometimes. Along with going somewhere without your phone, you can be without your phone at home as well.

I am going to mention it again in the next blog post featuring what helped my "January Mojo", but I can already tell it is going make a big difference in my life:

Forest. A cool app that plants trees and eventually an imaginary forest the more time you spend focused on work, resting and other things that are not your phone. There is also an extension to use on your computer to help keep that study grind going. The app is a one-time purchase of $1.99 and totally worth it.

Now when my phone is on silent, it is literally SILENT; no vibrations to alert me of notifications. This makes it a bit easier to forget about the phone for awhile so I can be present with other people and activities. I apologize for missing your calls though, Mom & Dad.

Clean Out the Social Circle

I have said it before in blog posts, and I will say it again...

Make sure the people you surround yourself with are the ones supporting your goals, building your morale, and cheering you on every step of the way. Or at the very least, they should be understanding of your goals even if aspects of their lifestyle do not line up with yours. 

What has helped you clean house or stay grounded in this crazy life?
Let me know beautiful souls.


Until next time -

Namaste xo




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