Hello, and welcome to my blog!


I am a PNW native, and grew up in the rural northeast corner of Washington. When it was time for college I called Louisville, Kentucky home for five years. 

branching out

Currently based in Arizona for the next set of adventures!


catalyst - a person or being that precipitates an event; a substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction.
untamed - not domesticated or otherwise controlled.


catalyst + untamed = Katalyst Untamed


This is where the blogging comes in.

I want to be a "katalyst untamed". For YOU. While a catalyst increases the rate of a reaction without itself undergoing any permanent chemical change, I want to change.

(for more about why I am blogging - click here)

On the way to fulfilling my dreams and growing this blog, hopefully one of the entries will serve as a katalyst in the pursuit of your passions.

Dream on. 

respond to every call that excites your spirit
— rumi
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